Sterinova is taking advantage of spring to participate in many events across Canada. Whether it is a conference of pharmacists, pharmacy technical assistants or meetings with nurses, we are happy to highlight the products designed and manufactured in our plant in Saint-Hyacinthe.

In addition to developing new networks, the holding of these events is also a way for us to answer our customers’ questions and to take notes of their comments and suggestions.

So, in April and May, we went to five different events. In April, we participated for the first time in the Canadian Vascular Access Association convention held in Quebec City. This association brings together clinicians from all provinces and all care sectors on vascular access and infusion therapy. Nice meetings were at the rendezvous.

Caroline, kiosque AQATP

At AQATP Conference

In May, we met the members of the Quebec Association of Technical Pharmacy Assistants who held their annual conference in Saint-Hyacinthe. We are always happy to take the pulse of these professionals who are often the first to prepare our products and make them available to nurses and ultimately to patients. Their enthusiasm for our products that will be launched soon encourages us every time.

At St. Andrews, New Brunswick

At St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Then we met with the members of the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians at their general meeting in St-Andrews, New Brunswick. Here too, the convenience of our pre-filled products is attracting interest. In fact, our products are available in more and more hospitals, particularly in the Maritimes.

Afterwards, we had the pleasure of returning to our Newfoundland and Labrador clients at the Newfoundland Society Conference of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists.

booths, congress, people

CCCV, Winnipeg

Finally, our tour took us to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to meet with professionals from the Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses. As they are the main users of our products, their comments on them are always profitable. We also take advantage of our on-site presence to provide training on the use of our products and allow them a little reminder of the best practices for subcutaneous injection.

We will participate in many other events. If you are planning one that we should attend, do not hesitate to contact us at We will be happy to meet you.