Our Origin

Sterinova was created in 2012 to meet the specific needs of hospitals for ready-to-use products. Many of these products currently existed on the market, but most of them are compounded products prepared by hospitals or external suppliers. These compounded products often have reduced shelf life and must be, for the most, refrigerated. The logistic of managing these compounded products is generally complex and product losses are common as they expire before being used. Sterinova intends to develop a range of products, which will offer a solution to these problems.

Sterinova is the logical continuation of Gentès & Bolduc Pharmacists, Canada’s largest pharmacy entirely dedicated to the preparation of compounded drugs. Gentès & Bolduc Pharmacists is composed of a team of over a 100 people who are working to provide high quality products and exceptional service. The original idea of the founders, Bertrand Bolduc and Jean-Philippe Gentès, was to provide ready-to-use injectables, approved by Health Canada, to replace compounded drugs currently used by hospitals.

In addition, nurses in hospital units prepare many injectable drug doses from ampoule and vials. The need to offer a ready-to-use option, safer and easier to use, became one of the objectives of the two founders. The use of products developed by Sterinova will reduce medication errors related to the preparation of medicines. And, our products will facilitate a better inventory management and will reduce the incidence of occupational diseases.


To develop, produce and distribute high quality ready-to-use products for the Canadian and International markets.


Become the largest pharmaceutical company manufacturing ready-to-use injectable products in Canada.



Quality: for the professionalism of our employees, the manufacture of our products and our excellent service.

Integrity: ethics in our work, in our responsibility and empathy for our customers and their patients, healthcare professionals, our employees and our community.

Entrepreneurship: in listening and validating before acting on the needs of our customers.



Sterinova is committed to providing clients (hospitals and pharmacies) with reliable and safe ready-to-use quality products in compliance with quality and safety regulation requirements.


Sterinova establishes, implements, and maintains a system that allows the delivery of products with quality attributes meeting the needs of patients and health care professionals.