Ready-to-administer injectables

About Us

Our team consists of  people who combine many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry who understand very well the health system issues. Nearly 100 people are now working at Sterinova

Our team is highly motivated to provide high quality products to patients and health professionals working in hospitals or community pharmacies.

Our goal is to develop ready-to-use injectable syringes and premixed bags that will meet healthcare professionals specific needs.

Company Overview

Sterinova develops, manufactures and distributes high quality pharmaceutical products. Located in Saint-Hyacinthe’s City of biotechnology, one of the most important economic poles of Quebec and Eastern Canada, Sterinova has an establishment license from Health Canada since 2015 for the manufacturing of sterile injectable pharmaceutics and biologics. Sterinova is also inspected by the FDA. The products made in our plant in Saint-Hyacinthe are manufactured using the latest technological equipment and follow the highest standard required by the current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Sterinova is one of the few pharmaceutical companies in the world, which is entirely dedicated to the manufacture of ready-to-use injectable. Its production capacity is measured in millions of unit per year.